The Confederate Flag

Jim Glaser and I have a post over at the Monkey Cage tracing parallels between the recent Confederate Flag debate in South Carolina and one that happened in 1999-2000.

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Puffed-up language

I always tell students not to complicate their writing with puffed up verbiage. “It doesn’t sound as smart as you think,” I explain. Sometimes they are skeptical. I once had a student say that he felt people wouldn’t take his writing seriously without the jargon, which made me cringe.

Now I can share data, rather than just my opinion. Students, read!

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Carolina Academic Debacle

I wrote a few thoughts about the academic scandal at UNC here.

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Introductory Post

This is a blog post, but mostly it’s just a placeholder. I only plan to use this section of the website as an outlet for sundry writing that would otherwise be homeless. Thus, my blog posts shall come at “daring” intervals, if at all.

But just so you don’t go away empty handed, here is a link to my recent Monkey Cage post about the ethics of online field experimentation.

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