Poli 100 Banner Gallery

On the idea that visualizations make things more memorable, I invite PS 100 students to make banner images that are then published on our class blog (The Tar Heel Faction). The images need to illustrate a class concept in a creative way. Below is a gallery of some of the impressive images students have made.


Federalism is about balancing political power between the states and the central government. The balance has shifted toward the central government over time.

Federalism header
Voters might not need as much political knowledge as people assume, since they might be able to rely on information shortcuts. (On a careful inspection, you might guess the first name of the student who made this one).

Political parties fighting over the median voter. (I just wish we had made an odd number of voters.)

Is America polarized? In which ways?

Public opinion takes many forms. It’s not JUST about polls.

public opinion2
A Hamiltonian metaphor for presidential and congressional power.

sword purse
An illustration of the Tiebout model

An illustration of the Rawlsian thought experiment to decide what justice is.


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