Political Science Subject Pool

In the Spring of 2019, I am serving as interim director for the UNC Political Science subject pool. The information below is pulled from Professor Anna Bassi’s website. (She is the primary director.) ~TJR

The Participant Pool exists primarily as an educational experience for students in introductory Political Science (POLI 100) courses, to give them a feel for what research is about and what political scientists do.  Secondarily, it provides research training experiences for graduate and (to a lesser degree) undergraduate students, under the guidance of faculty who also are conducting their own research.

All students who are enrolled in POLI 100 are required to participate in research studies conducted in the Political Science Department. These will usually be research experiments or attitude surveys. The total time commitment should not exceed 3 hours. Students who object to participating in these studies will have the opportunity to satisfy the research participation requirement in another way. Specifically, students may write a four-page research paper, which should not take more than three hours to complete. This paper will be graded pass/fail by the Subject Pool Director, Professor Anna Bassi. Failure to complete the requirement will result in a grade of “I” (Incomplete). Credit will be administered by the Subject Pool Director. Your instructor will not know the answers you selected in those studies.

Information for Poli 100 students about Research Requirement

The Poli100 course has a research requirement designed to provide all students taking their first course in political science some knowledge about the procedures and conduct of political science research. A principal aim of the requirement is for students to gain an appreciation of how political science research works, while simultaneously acquiring new knowledge about areas of the discipline that they may not encounter in their POLI 100 course. You will not be graded on how well you perform in the research study.  However, in order to receive your grade for this course, every student must satisfy this research requirement, which involves completing 3 hours of research work during the semester. This requirement can be fulfilled by participating in actual political science research studies (Option 1) or by writing a four-page research paper (Option 2). Please click here to see a more comprehensive overview. And click here for more details on the research paper option.

Schedule of Studies (Spring 2019)